MEET A MEMBER OF OUR TEAM: Kyle Nichols-Schmolze

Title:  CTO & Co-Founder.

Job Responsibilities:  I’m the only full-time coder on the team, so I build and manage the product. On a good week, I get to spend 80% of my time coding, which I love. But as a small team, there’s always lots of other stuff to do, like helping out users and answering support questions.

Favorite part of the job:  New features! It’s always a blast to start from scratch on a new aspect of the site. We recently released our roommate finder (which is awesome), and I had a great time designing and building it with our new intern, Cenzo.

College and Major:  Tufts University for Computer Science Engineering

Favorite type of music:  Classical for sure. As a high schooler I always listened to a lot of Beatles and other 60s rock, but once college started I started getting into some much older stuff. Now I listen to a lot of Beethoven, Mozart, Mendelsohn, Tchaikovsky, and all the other big guys.

Favorite TV shows:  My favorite show is still probably the Simpsons. But after that it’s Twin Peaks, Mr. Show, and anything with David Cross.

Favorite movies:  I am a huge fan of movies by David Lynch, Akira Kurosawa, Hayao Miyazaki, and Charlie Kaufman. Highlights include Rashomon, Blue Velvet, and My Neighbor Totoro.

Hobbies:  I played ultimate frisbee all through college, and now I play in two different leagues: the new semi-pro AUDL and the summer Rhode Island based RIPUL. Between JumpOffCampus and ultimate, there’s not much room for anything else in my life.

Favorite saying:  Sometimes you get the elevator, sometimes you get the shaft.


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