JumpOffCampus Caffeine Challenge Schedule

Our Caffeine Challenge begins on Monday and below is the schedule and the links to each of the different surveys that correspond to the day. Feel free to track your progress using these surveys, and be sure to see how you measure up to our other competitors by following and posting to the hashtag #CaffeineChallenge.

Monday: Coffee https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGRadlZuVFZSakVNX1BSQTI2MmlJS2c6MA#gid=0

Tuesday: Red Bull https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFhVQjQ2clpxUkRXSUdhb3VuOVZNaGc6MA#gid=0

Wednesday: 5 Hour Energy https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHJ3dEhWU25QbHR5QkFmeUJWUVM2MFE6MA#gid=0

Thursday: Sheets Energy https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGx3N3p5UHRKUmNESmVpMXdaUVFaUXc6MA#gid=0

Friday: Control Day – No Caffeine https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGlFTnZNbl9ISkRfQzhRZ3BOWExycUE6MQ#gid=0

Participation in the Caffeine Challenge is strictly voluntary. It is not recommended for those who are sensitive to caffeine or who have health conditions that prevent caffeine intake. We also recommend that you follow warnings and instructions related to each of these products when consuming.


The JumpOffCampus Caffeine Challenge

This week we’re moving into a new office with many of the other Betaspring alums and we’re super excited!  Despite our excitement, however, we are running into a dilemma:  What on earth are we going to stock the new fridge with?  As startups, we’ve got to make sure that we stay alert and productive for over 8 hours a day and we admittedly need a little help.

Therefore, to really test what will be our caffeine of choice, we’ve decided to make this a challenge; a battle of the caffeine, if you will.  To get everyone’s opinion, we’ll be recruiting the other companies we’ll be sharing office space with to see what will be the best choice.

Every beverage (or caffeine product) we test will be designated to one day, so our competitors can’t have any other caffeine product that day.  They will also be given a specific amount they can drink, and will not be able to drink any more than that.  Then, throughout the day, competitors will be surveyed to see how tired they feel, how alert they feel, how productive they feel, and how well they feel they’ve been able to concentrate.  These surveys will happen 4 times throughout the day; once when they arrive at work, once at 11 am, again at 2 pm, and then again at 5 pm.  We’ll be sure to track everyone’s progress as they go throughout the day and see which caffeine beverage seems to be working the best.  We’ll also be asking our competitors to track their progress throughout the day on Twitter.  Each competitor will be tweeting to the hashtag #CaffeineChallenge to update us on the latest.

While we’ll be spending most of the week pretty caffeinated (hopefully), next Friday will be our control day, meaning that we won’t be drinking any caffeine.  This means that we will have been caffeinating all week, and will cut ourselves off on Friday . . . the day of the week it could be the toughest to get through.  It’s on this day we’ll be holding a competition to see which competitor will crack first; either a) cave in and drink some caffeine, or b) fall asleep.

So be sure to follow our progress on our Twitter, and feel free to take the challenge with us!  Just be sure to track your status along with us at #CaffeineChallenge!  We’ll be announcing the competitors tomorrow and the schedule this Friday, so stay tuned!

Your participation in this Caffeine Challenge is strictly voluntary and is not recommended for those who may experience complications due to high caffeine intake. Please see FDA and brand warnings related to consumption of these types of products.

We need your help!

We’re currently working on some research in relation to student perceptions of on- vs. off-campus housing and we need your help!  If you are a current student, or even if you have graduated within the last two years, you can help us out by taking our survey!  It only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete, so if you have some extra time, we’d really appreciate you taking our survey.  Just click HERE to take the survey and feel free to pass this along to your friends!  This survey is completely anonymous, so that means we can’t trace back answers to you, nor will we publish or share who you are.

If you want a direct link to our survey to post on your Facebook or Twitter, just copy and paste this link onto your profile and this will take anyone who clicks it directly to the survey page:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGJqMjBHZjIyRGluNDlkbllsUFVQRlE6MQ#gid=0


Our Roommate Horror Story Contest Winner!

Our roommate horror story contest winner is Rachel from Tufts University.  Here is her story:

The story of my freshman roommate starts with the room rules she sent me in July before we moved in. Just one week after we found out that we were going to be roommates–after a few awkward e-mail exchanges–my future roommate, Meghan (names have been changed), sent me an e-mail with our “agreed upon room rules.” The list was 10 rules long, none of which we agreed upon. To give you a sense of our “agreed room rules” my favorites include: 1. Quiet hours are from 11pm-7am, no phone calls after 10:30pm. 2. Our room shall be a sanctuary from temptations and pleasures. 3. There shall be no sexual activity or suggestive images in the room. 4. If you’re going to be out late, let the other person know, so know one worries 😛 5. There shall be no breaking of the law at the university, local, state and federal levels. Just so we are clear, I am not a criminal, I was the top of my class in high school and we were about to start our freshman year at a prestigious university. But I didn’t want to get things off on a bad foot before freshman year even started, so I didn’t complain about the rules. Instead, I moved into my dorm, offered to loft my roommate’s bed for her so she didn’t have to do it when she got to campus and I was fully prepared to follow “our” rules. I moved into my dorm a week earlier than Meghan for cross country pre-season training. Once she moved in, I quickly realized that she had no intention of following “our” room rules. I would tip-toe around the room quietly (with the lights off), getting ready for my 7am cross country practices, determined not to break our “quiet hours” rule, while Meghan would get home around 3 or 4am every morning, turn all the lights on and make a lot of noise. Once she realized I was asleep, as people normally are at 3 or 4am, she would apologize, but continue to make noise. This did not just last for Freshman Orientation. She continued to come home late throughout our entire first semester. I should also mention that Meghan did not believe in showering, except for Sundays before church. When she realized that she smelled, she would occasionally sponge bathe in the bathroom sink—a shared bathroom used by the other 12 girls on our hall. Meghan also had very long hair that would fall all over my carpet, which I would then have to vacuum every other day. On top of not showering and leaving her hair everywhere, Meghan also did not do her laundry. Once she started dating another freshman boy, she eventually did her laundry once a month. Actually, HE did her laundry. You see, she had a sore back and had to save her energy for playing her trumpet, so he carried her backpack for her, did her laundry once a month and spent as much time in our room as she did. Occasionally, Meghan, even though she knew I was Jewish, would leave me pictures of Jesus and Mother Theresa on my desk, in case I decided to see the light and convert. For the sake of space, I will end my story of Meghan, with one final remark. I did not stay in touch with Meghan after freshman year, but I did read an article in our campus newspaper about how she sued the university so she could have a dog on campus because it would make her happy. At first, I did not realize that the article was about my roommate, Meghan, because she changed her name. It turns out, her birth name also made her depressed, so she wanted to start over with a new name. Well that’s the highlights for my freshman year roommate.

We had to give an honorable mention to our runner up, Allison from Tufts (although we had to edit it a little):

I should have known I was going to have problems with Debbie when, on move-in day, she already had upwards of 80 Disney figurines, pictures and posters up. She had a hard time adjusting to college life and would routinely kick me out of the room to cry into her bible. Her mother would drive up to school with homeschool books to help Debbie study. One night I decided to sleep over at a friend’s room and give myself a break from Debbie. She did not take well to this. Apparently she had developed a dependency issue and could not fall asleep until I was back in the room so she stayed up all night and met me at the door with a prepared speech (written on notecards) when I came home. She went on for almost an hour about how cruel I was for doing that to her. This was also the night before my first big Chem midterms. I moved out on her after a month of this and never heard from her again.


More resources!

At JumpOffCampus, we work to be a student’s one-stop-shop for off-campus housing.  We first gave you our apartment finder; then we gave you the roommate finder.  Now we’re adding . . . a way to get furniture?!

Yes, that’s right.  We’ve partnered with Cort® Furniture to give an exclusive deal to our New York metro users a 10% deal on furniture rentals.  While you may think that renting furniture isn’t for you, think again.  First of all, they deliver it for you; that means no moving trucks, and no more lugging heavy furniture everywhere.  Second of all, they set it up for you . . . in 48 hours.  That means you no longer have to lug your furniture up to your apartment.  And the best thing is, you don’t have to move it when you move out!  That sounds good to us!

Check out this deal and others by visiting our resources page on our website beginning August 1 at www.jumpoffcampus.com!  If you’d like to request this deal in your area, just send us an email at katie@jumpoffcampus.com!



Title:  Intern
College and major:  I’m still enrolled at the University of Rhode Island.  I got my Bachelors in 2011 in Communications and Art with a minor in Business, and now I’m working on my Master’s in Communications.
Job responsibilities:  I deal with mainly our social media outputs, so that includes the blog, Facebook, and Twitter.  I also research and compose the research reports we put out.
Favorite part of the job:  There really aren’t resources out there for students that help them find an off-campus apartment, find roommates, or that help them make more informed decisions about off-campus living.  I feel like JumpOffCampus fills that need, and it’s cool to be a part of that.
Favorite type of music:  I’m really into RI local bands.  I also listen to a lot of indie rock/pop stuff like Miike Snow and Does It Offend You, Yeah?  Overall, I think my favorite, though, is Jimi Hendrix.
Favorite TV shows:  I just finished catching up on Modern Family.  I really like NBC shows like The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Community.
Favorite movies:  My favorite movie of all time is Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart.  I generally tend to like anything with those two in it. I also really enjoy the new Batman movies.
Hobbies:  I like painting, drawing, and photography.  I also really enjoy listening to music, finding new bands/artists, and going to see shows.
Favorite saying:  I totally ripped Nike off, but I live by the saying, “Just Do It.”  It really applies to everything.


MEET A MEMBER OF OUR TEAM: Vincenzo “Cenzo” Vitiello

Title: Intern

Job responsibilities: As the second technical guy, my job consists of doing all sorts of backend and frontend programming in conjunction with whatever project Kyle is currently working on.

Favorite part of the job:  My favorite part of the job is definitely the environment. It is a blast to hang out and work with the small JoC team.

College and major:  I currently attend Tufts University; I will be a senior in the fall. I am on track to graduate with a degree in Computer Science through the school of engineering.

Favorite type of music:  I don’t know if I necessarily have a favorite genre of music, but I do make killer alternative playlists and according to friends I “have a mainstream taste in alternative music”. Still not sure if that’s a compliment or not…

Favorite TV shows: Currently I have been watching a lot of the USA network show Suits. Other shows that I enjoy watching repeatedly are Psych, Scrubs, and Archer.

Favorite movies: Thanks to my dad I love comedy movies from the 80’s such as Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Midnight Run, and Dazed and Confused. I also enjoy all of Hayao Miyazaki animated works such as Castle in the Sky, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Porco Rosso.

Hobbies: When I got to college I picked up Ultimate Frisbee through which I have competed at college nationals twice with the Tufts team. Before college, I played ice hockey for fourteen years and I still enjoy skating whenever I can.

Favorite saying:  “Laughter is the closest distance between two people” -Victor Borge

Meet Our University Partners


Meet Kevin Forti, the Director of Residence Life and Housing at Clark University!

What are the benefits you see of using JumpOffCampus?  How do you believe JumpOffCampus has helped Clark?

JumpOffCampus is a powerful tool for those Clark Students who wish to live off campus.  For upper-class students looking to move off campus for the first time, JumpOffCampus gives them a smart way to compare and contrast various apartment costs, locations, configurations, and amenities. JOC is especially helpful for incoming Graduate Students, especially those who are international and coming to Worcester for the first time.  Gone are the days of trying to help these students figure out how far a paper listing was from Clark, etc.  Now they can visualize and map properties, see photos of the actual rooms, etc.  It does things that our old-fashioned paper listing never could!

Where did you attend college?  What was your major?

I have a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Western New England University, and a Master’s of Education from Springfield College.  My undergraduate major was Technical Management, and my graduate program was Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education.

What does your job entail?

As Director, I manage all housing, operations, logistics, budgeting, strategic planning, hiring, and day to day management of Residential Life and Housing at Clark.

How long have you been working in housing?

I have over 12 years of experience in the field, including 8 years at Clark.

How did you get into the field of university housing?

I applied to be a Resident Advisor my Junior year of college, was hired, and never looked back.  From there I became a Residence Manager, an Area Coordinator, Assistant Director, and eventually Director.

What do you feel is the most important or difficult part of your job?

People don’t recognize that the summer is actually the busiest time for me by far.  During the academic year there is a lot going on, but it is paced out reasonably, whereas come the end of May, the pressure is on to be ready for August.  Take this summer.  Right now I am in the process of hiring 3 professional positions, building a multi-million dollar addition to two of our halls in a 12 week window, coordinating Graduate, First Year, Transfer, and Returning Student housing assignments, reengineering a number of protocols and procedures, on top of answering around 100 emails per day, mostly from students and parents asking all about housing stuff.  It is non-stop all summer long, and yet when I tell people I work at a University, they always think I must have summers off!

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love to re-engineer and improve on processes.  I also love the capital improvement, reinvestment and management aspects of my job.  Having a background in technical management, it makes sense that I really get a lot of joy out of renovation and improvement work.

Do you have a favorite moment from your work at Clark?

There are many, but I would say that the best ones are the times when I get to recognize the hard work and commitment that my professional and student staff put into residential living here at Clark.  I am fortunate to work with amazing people with tremendous talents, and I love being able to celebrate that.

What has been the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Life is too short to dwell on the bumps in the road, so shake them off and celebrate the great things that come your way.

What is your favorite college memory?

No comment 😉

What kind of music do you listen to?

Everything!  My iPhone has everything from Rap to R&B, Classical to Country, Techno to Theater.  I love all types of music.

What are your hobbies?

I love to build things.  I am a pretty good machinist and welder, and can make some pretty great stuff when I have the time.  A few years ago I custom built a Model T go-kart, and am working right now on machining my own wedding ring out of titanium.

What is your favorite saying?

Not really, probably don’t sweat the small stuff!

Do you have awesome or ridiculous stories from working at Clark?

[No comment ;)]



Title: Marketing Intern

Job responsibilities:  Marketing research, promotion, sales

Favorite part of the job:  It’s interesting, I get to work on a bunch of different projects, and it’s fun to see the site grow!

College and major:  Bryant University- Marketing and management

Favorite type of music:  Anything but country

Favorite TV shows: Mad Men, Friends, The Office

Favorite movies: Pride and Prejudice

Hobbies: Traveling, Photography, Music

Favorite saying: Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine. – Ralph Waldo Emerson


We’ve got a new look and some new features!

Our development team has been working tirelessly to make our website into a one-stop-shop for off-campus housing and keeping it looking good too!

Not only do we have a new look, but we’ve also got a ton of new stuff!  We’ve recently added a new roommate finder, where you can match yourself with other students.  All you have to do is take our roommate-matching survey.  This survey is based on research that we’ve conducted in relation to what students look for in a roommate and what universities tend to include in their roommate-matching surveys.

Once you’ve answered the questions and created a roommate profile for yourself, you can search through other students’ profiles who also attend your school.  We’ll even give you a compatibility score for each of the profiles you view so you know how compatible you and that person would be as roommates!

Last, but not least, we’ve added a ton of new stuff to our resources page.  You can view our blog entries and articles we’ve written that directly pertain to college students.  These resources will help to inform you about some of the most important things to consider when it comes to off-campus living.

This isn’t the end of it either!  We’ve got a lot of great stuff planned, so be sure to keep checking our website at www.jumpoffcampus.com!