Sept 2, 2011

Hey All!

Our most recent version release included updates for both Students and Landlords!

Students – the Roommate Finder is now fully functioning! Register, or log in using your school-provided email address, to search through Personal and/or Group profiles to find other potential roommates or Groups to join. You can also create a profile if you’re the one interested in finding others to live with! Something to note is that you need to be in an existing Group in order to create a Group profile, but after you have figured out who you will be living with, it’s still super easy to add these new people through the Groups page. Additionally, we are now prepared to launch the site at many more schools. If you have any suggestions as to where we should be looking to expand, don’t hesitate to contact us! Also let us know if you have any issues or comments by clicking on the Feedback button!

Landlords – In anticipation of additional schools being added to the site, we’ve re-worked the process to add listings. Now, in addition to creating the listing, you need to Activate each listing at a specific school. This can be done by clicking ‘Activate’ wherever your see the icon, and following the steps on that page. This allows you the flexibility to effectively publish your listing at more than one school, once this is a realistic opportunity (when we partner with more schools). As always, let us know if you have any issues or comments by clicking on the Feedback button!

Other news is that we’re launching at Clark University shortly, and hope to be at a few more schools in the coming months! We’re also in the Finals of the Mass Challenge Business Plan Competition and are looking forward to the rest of the competition! We’ll know by the end of October if we’re winners – wish us luck!


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