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4 Budget-Friendly Holiday Decorations for College Students

If you’re living on a budget, it can be a little difficult finding inexpensive decorating for the holidays.  However, we’ve found some awesome ideas to prep your pad for the holidays that won’t break the bank.

Festive Paper Chains

These may bring you back to your elementary school projects, however, they can certainly make your place just a little more festive.  All you have to do is cut out strips of paper and glue the ends together so that the strips interlock with one another.  Hang these chains up anywhere and it will certainly get you into the holiday spirit.

Tree of Lights

This was a pretty cool idea we found at Reader’s Digest.   Simply by taking a strand of lights and a few thumbtacks, you can make yourself a tree right on your wall.  It doesn’t even necessarily have to be a tree either.  Maybe a snowflake or a snowman suits you better!

Candy Wreaths

This was a pretty cool idea we found.  All you have to do is cut out a ring of cardboard in the shape of a wreath.  Then glue wrapped candies onto the ring, and hang.

Pillow Presents

Simply by taking ribbon and bows, you can wrap up your throw pillows to look like gifts!






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