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Awesome Apps for College Students

For students, there are a lot of interesting apps out there that can help you stay focused in school. We’ve found a bunch of interesting apps that will not only organize your schedule, but apps that can help you budget, track your class notes, and even automatically silence your phone when you are in class.

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The inClass app allows you to take multimedia notes that you can share by file, through Facebook, or just by printing them right off the app. You can also put together a schedule for all of your classes, tasks for each day and stay up to date by setting alarms for yourself when things are due.

Available for iPhone and iPad

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iStudiez Pro

iStudies Pro allows you to have a virtual planner for all of your classes. No longer will you have to track everything in a paper planner. iStudiez will give you a way to put together a calendar of your classes and assignments, as well as a way for you to track your semester progress, including your GPA!

Available for Mac, iPhone, and iPad

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Mint offers a pretty cool app that will help you stay on track with your budgets. Mint allows you to see all of your accounts in one place so you never lose track. It will also keep a log of bills you’ve paid and upcoming bills that you’ll have to pay, as well as suggestions on how you might save money.

Available on PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad

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Circus Ponies NoteBook

Don’t let the name fool you:  This app is all business. NoteBook allows you to keep your documents all in one place, and the cool thing about it is that it looks like a paper notebook. You cannot only outline through this app, but you can add action items to the notes you take, assign due dates to things, and send important dates to your calendar and your phone.

Available for Mac and iPad

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Dropbox is a great way to save your files in one place that you can access from anywhere. Dropbox will be a lifesaver when your printer runs out of ink or when your computer crashes the night before your 15-page paper is due.

Available for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry

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Studious is a great way to keep track of your assignments so you never lose track of when things are happening or when assignments are due. This app also gives you a way to save a copy of your notes either in text or in a photo. However, probably the coolest thing about this app is that you can set it up so that your phone will silence itself while you’re in class.

Available for Android

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Droid Scan Lite

This app is pretty cool because it allows you to scan documents right from your phone or tablet. This makes it easy so that you can automatically save an electronic copy of important documents, notes or an assignment that you can then share.

Available for Android

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Alarm Clock Xtreme

This app is great for those people who have trouble waking up in the morning. Alarm Clock Xtreme allows you to set many different types of alarms, including a music alarm, a rising volume alarm, and even an alarm that requires you to do a math problem in order to snooze or dismiss the buzzer.

Available for Android

These are just a few suggestions.  For more awesome apps, be sure to check us out on Pintrest!


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