Best. Roommate. Ever.

Finding the right roommate can be hard. Most people just head to craigslist and start sending emails. You might come across a post like this one from craigslist’s roommate section in San Francisco, but not everyone will be so lucky. 

Then there’s the selection process. A friend of mine was interviewed by 5 potential roommates before being “accepted” into an apartment. People can be very picky about who they’re willing to live with. If you’ve ever had a terrible roommate before, you know that it is very difficult to have a normal and happy life at home when you’re constantly frustrated by your roommate. So depending on the availability of apartments and sublets, it can be really hard to find a spot in a nice place, especially if the price is good.

Instead, you could try one of a million roommate matching services out there. But few of them are free, and they often have long surveys to complete, and who wants to do that? It’s tricky stuff. Here at JOC, we’re working on a real attempt at a great roommate finder, but it’s certainly not easy, especially if we want to give people great matches. 

So here’s the pertinent question for us: If a roommate finder required you to log in with Facebook, would that deter you from doing it?

Let us know at admin@jumpoffcampus.com.



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