Is that a single bedroom for $1300?!

We recently got a piece of feedback from a user trying to advertise two rooms in her apartment. It’s a three bedroom place, and she needs two more roommates. She wants to collect $1300 for both rooms. Sounds pretty normal.

The question is, how should that be listed? It’s kind of like a two bedroom for $1300, and could be filled by a pair of students. But it’s more like two separate rooms for rent, each for $650. We were not sure how to handle it. The site can easily support the latter option: a simple sublet listing for $650 will do it (as long as she doesn’t take it down until both rooms are rented). 

But what if one room is huge! Maybe she used the Splitwise Rent Calculator to discover that she should really be charging 700 for one room and 600 for the other. Then what? 

Well, for now the answer is, just make two listings. It’s not very elegant, but hey, how often does this happen anyways?



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