Student Life

4 Inexpensive Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

Especially as a student, finding the right gift (and enough time to find one) for your friends and family can be difficult.  Being on a limited budget makes the process even harder.  This is why we’ve come up with a list of some inexpensive gift ideas to help you find that perfect gift for your loved one.

A photobook.  Photos can last forever, and this is why putting together a photobook of times with your loved ones can be a great gift for the holiday season.  It can even be a conversation piece that you and your loved one can enjoy while looking at all of the photos you’ve included in the book.  The DIY photobook is always a great idea as you can personalize it to the person, however, there are a myriad of services that will do it for you.  Sites like Snapfish and Shutterfly make photobooks easy and decorative (even if you aren’t super artistically inclined).

Board games.  Board games are always a great gift, in that once the person opens the gift, you can spend the next few hours playing the game together.

Holiday Tree Ornament.  Holiday tree ornaments are a great gift for loved ones, especially those who you may be unsure what to get them.  Hallmark makes a lot of great little ornaments that can easily fit the interests of any receiver.

Homemade baked goods.  They do say that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.  Making your own homemade cookies or other baked goods for your loved ones can be a really simple and inexpensive idea.

As a student, it can be difficult finding the perfect present for your loved one, especially with such limited time (you have to factor in studying for finals) and a limited budget.  However, photobooks, board games, ornaments, and homemade baked goods are some really inexpensive ideas that will help you find the right present for this upcoming holiday season.


“Cheap Gifts:  53 Inexpensive Gift Ideas” by David Weliver